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What is Business Coaching?
Business coaching is an emerging profession that began about ten years ago. Behavioral scientists have shown that one-on-one coaching is among the most effective approaches to helping people make and sustain improvements in their business and lives.
While psychologists and therapists help clients understand how the past is influencing the present, coaches focus on the present and help the client move toward the future.
The relationship between a coach and client offers a profound level of support, guidance, experience, objectivity, accountability and encouragement regarding making changes, without being judgmental. A coach enables change by focusing on a client's stated needs, values, vision, and goals and helping to bring out his/her personal best.
Business Coaching addresses the needs of each client in areas such as:

  • Vision, Mission, Value Proposition
  • Business Model
  • Delivery Model
  • Business Structure
  • Financials
  • Strategic Planning and Execution
  • Branding
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Operations
  • Intellectual Property
  • Progression and Succession Planning
  • Organizational Development
  • Growth

How My Coaching Works
I will work with you one-on-one in person and/or over the phone.  You choose what we work on and the pace at which we go.  I will work with you to develop a personalized plan of action around your specific needs using A Simple 3 Step Process

Step #1. Intake and Assessment … I will lead you through a structured initial “Intake Session” to help you and me understand your current needs and desired future goals.

Step #2. Set Realistic Goals and Develop a Plan … I will lead you through a process to help you establish realistic goals as well an action plan to achieve your goals. 

Step #3. Work the Plan … I will provide you with support, guidance, experience, objectivity, accountability, encouragement and the resources necessary for achieving your plan.  All client information is treated as private and confidential.

My goal as your personal business coach is to help you build the critical skills that you need to eventually help yourself (i.e. self-sustaining model).

My Fee Structure           
I typically charge $400.00/month for 4 one hour coaching sessions.  I ask to be paid in advance for each month of coaching (encourages client commitment).  I require at least a 30 day commitment from you in order to allow us to establish momentum.  Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance.

My Background and Credentials

  • Graduate of West Virginia University with a BS degree in Engineering (1984)
  • President of The Adopt Lean Group an international business coaching firm
  • 25 years of international business coaching and leadership experience at all levels
  • Certified business coach (2008)
  • Certified Lean practitioner

Typical Client Profile
I coach only those who are committed to making significant changes or improvements in their career, business or their life.
I coach:

  • Individual CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners
  • Groups and Teams
  • Business professionals


What My Clients Think
Clients experience the value of having a personal coach who can help them move their career, business or life to a new place, and help them make changes that they have not been able to make on their own.  
I'm choked up and tearing...your coaching is deeply appreciated and warms me with assurance of stronger, positive, powerful days ahead filled with success and happiness.” Career Improvement

“Dean’s approach to coaching has really helped me analyze my business and leadership style as well as develop an improvement plan.”  He has challenged me at times and held me accountable when I needed it.  He has become a reliable source of support and a trusted guide.  I feel that Dean really cares about me and my business and has a vested interest in my success” Business Owner (Growth)

“Thanks Coach for the push and confidence building magic you bring to me through your encouragement. I feel more energetic and focused as I approach each day.” CEO of a medium-size company

“I've been trying on my own to recognize strengths, weaknesses, and develop goals.   I finally realized that I needed help with finding my way.  As a result of our time together, I feel your approach to coaching me has guided me to recognize and achieve my goals successfully while having fun and sharing lots of laughs.” Business Owner (Start-up)

“I want to express my personal and professional gratitude to you for your coaching services. I always look forward to our time together and find your coaching expertise to be refreshing and very helpful in keeping me focused on my business goals.  You are a valuable part of my advisory board” Business Owner (Start up)

”From the bottom of my heart, your time, encouragement, guidance, patience, faith, and understanding will remain with me for a lifetime.  Your coaching has helped me become a better leader.  Living with enormous appreciation that we crossed paths, I am so very blessed and thankful for you Coach.” Leader in a large company

"Dean is simply a gem of a person. He has the ability to connect with people, ask the right (often challenging) questions, and assist people in taking action. Dean is one of the hardest working, dedicated, and loyal people I have met in my life. He helps his clients identify what they are good at, what they can improve upon, and then provides the right mix of accountability, encouragement, and motivation to achieve their best. He has an incredible skill set. I strongly recommend him to any executive who desires a bona-fide coaching relationship."  CEO of a medium-size company

Next Step
Experience the value of having your own personal business coach who you can help you move your career, business and life to a new place, and make changes that you have not been able to make on your own.  
Everyone can benefit from the right coach, someone who you can trust to provide you with a proven coaching method as well as support, guidance, experience, objectivity, accountability, encouragement and resources.  
Contact Dean Davidson at (864)313-4320 for your free intake session. © 2003-2008 All rights reserved.
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