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Clients of ALG typically experience a +200% return on their investment when engaging The Adopt Lean Group as their business coach.

Typical Tangible Results:
20% increase in sales/employee
20% increase in sales/square foot 
20% reduction in floor space requirements.
20% reduction in direct labor requirements
30% increase in the speed of material, information and cash flow (shortened time between paying and    
        getting paid)
30% reduction in inventory levels 
30% reduction in defects/rejects (rework and scrap)
10% reduction in premium freight cost

Typical In-tangible Results

  • Leadership behavioral change to a team-based performance-driven style of eliminating waste and barriers.
  • A new-found level of trust and respect developed for the leadership team as a result of this change in behavior.
  • A safer, more enjoyable and rewarding (less stressful) work environment where associates feel that they have control of their work area and feel responsible and empowered to do the right things right the first time and every time.  Everyone feels informed about the direction of the company and understands how they affect the success of the organization.
  • Creation of a sustainable work environment inspired by continuous improvement. © 2003-2008 All rights reserved.
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