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Learning to See:   Value Stream Mapping Workshop


  • Learn to See
  • A new language (visual and data-driven)
  • Product-oriented
  • High variety- Low volume
  • Map material and information flow
  • “Go to Gemba” – Direct observation (don’t let anyone say anything that is not true)
  • Current State Map
    • Identify the value stream (beginning and end)
    • Start with the customer
    • Write down all of the steps/activities
    • Draw material flow
    • Draw information flow
  • Future State Map
    • Identify steps/activities that are waste (MUDA)
    • Identify steps that can be eliminated
    • Arrange remaining steps/activities in a continuous flow @ the pace of the selling speed (TAKT) by combining, reducing, separating, changing the order
  • Achieving the Future State
    • Identify what need to be done to transition from the Current State to the Future State (Kaizen Starbursts) What, Who, When?
    • Just do it (Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle) using a Future State Action Plan © 2003-2008 All rights reserved.
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